Eight 'A' Times at Canby Valentine's Meet

PAC sent a small but determined group to the Canby Valentine's Day meet on Sunday, February 13th.  The 20+ PAC swimmers were focused on best times and new 'A' times!  They came home with eight 'A' times and a long list of swimmers with two or more best times:  Claire Bacon- Brenes- 2, Ray Baldwin- 2, Tallulah Blanco- 3 Josh Bottelberghe- 2, Natalie Collmer- 3, Frances Conable- 3, Jared Dana- 3, Elise Gellman- 3, Milo Hart- 2, Sophia Hatzikos- 2, Luke Hutchinson- 2, Anabelle Lohman- 2, Muriah Murray- 4, Lilly Sasse- 2, Sadie Wiens- 2.  Way to go PAC!  PAC results