2013/14 Bronze I II

Bronze I, II Groups

Bronze I is PAC’s entry level group for swimmers at least 5 years old. Swimmers must be able to do a 25 of backstroke and freestyle. Swimmers focus on learning the fundamentals and drills of all four competitive strokes in addition to starts/ turns and an introduction to dry land and having fun!   After three month to six months on the team (typically swimmers age 8 and over) and a swimmer has the fundamentals and drills for all four strokes they may be asked to move to Bronze II for more advanced drills and stroke work in addition to longer practices.

Goals: The ability to do butterfly and breaststroke before moving to Bronze II. The ability to complete a legal 100 IM and 200 freestyle with flip turns. The ability to complete a 50 of each stroke with appropriate/ legal turns in meets. Attend age/ level appropriate meets per coaches’ recommendation.

Practices: Bronze I:  45-60 minutes two times per week 

Bronze II:  90 minutes two times per week. 


Bronze Group Coaches: Laurie Kilbourn (SWCC), Tom McLaughlin (Columbia), Jesse Raskauskas (Mt. Scott)

Workout Days/Times: Columbia, Mt. Scott, SWCC