In 2008, The Ellertson Family Scholarship Fund was established to assist families of deserving swimmers in cases of financial hardship. The Fund is primarily supported by 25% of annual Swim-A-Thon proceeds. Additional funds are raised annually by family donations, which are always welcome.

Applications are accepted year-round. Scholarship grants are based on financial need, support from coaches, and demonstrated dedication to the sport and the team. Applicants generally have some experience in competitive swimming and the support of their coach. Scholarship Admin will consider all coach supported special circumstances.

Scholarship Categories

  • Registration Fee Assistance can partially or fully cover the team registration fee. In some cases, we may be able to reduce the cost of USA Swimming registration by helping families apply for outreach memberships.
  • Dues Assistance helps offset the cost of monthly dues.
  • One-Time Assistance may be used to purchase required gear or to help cover dues in a family emergency.
  • Travel Assistance may be used for championship meets and team travel meets, and also to help cover fees for local meets.
  • Service Hours and Fundraising become interchangeable for scholarship families. Service completed in excess of requirements can apply to the fundraising requirement at a rate of $25/hour. Fundraising dollars in excess of requirements can apply to service hour requirements at a rate of $25/hour.

How to Apply

  1. Please register for the season first, even if you are applying for dues or registration fee assistance. Scholarship applications submitted at the beginning of the season will be reviewed and awarded prior to the October 1st billing. At registration, you may choose the "pay by check" option to defer payment pending application review.
  2. Next, CLICK HERE to submit an online application.
  3. Tell your coach that you are submitting an application.

Questions about Scholarships? Please contact your coach or our Admin Team.

Please note: Funds are limited. We make every effort to support all swimmers in need.