Swimmers are required to wear a standard uniform when representing the team at meets, to create a team identity and sense of belonging. Coaches also expect swimmers to have their own personal equipment at practices to reduce the transition time when moving from one drill to the next. Scholarships can cover equipment expenses, and volunteers organize gear swaps periodically through the PAC Instagram account. Follow us to ask for or offer hand-me-downs!  

Team Uniform

The team provides a shirt and cap to all swimmers after registration each year. Swimmers are responsible for purchasing the other parts of the uniform.

  • Team cap - All training groups
  • Team shirt - All training groups
  • Navy Arena brand competition suit - All training groups
  • Navy Arena brand team warmup jacket - Performance groups only

Equipment Requirements

Equipment requirements depend on training group as shown below. Some items required at the higher levels may merit further explanation:

  1. Short Fins - choose the Arena Powerfin Pro fins or a similar style. Some have heel cups and some have straps, and swimmers may have personal preferences. The sizing varies by brand.
  2. Paddles - we recommend the Finis brand paddles which come in sizes. Measure hand circumference and consult the size chart online before making your purchase.
  3. Snorkel - choose a Finis snorkel or another similar center-mount snorkel.
  4. Drag Chute - purchase the tether and one chute (either 8", 12" or 16") in size recommended by the coach
Training Group(s)
Required Equipment
goggles, gear bag, kickboard, pull buoy, standard fins
goggles, gear bag, kickboard, pull buoy, standard fins, snorkel
Gold & Senior
goggles, gear bag, kickboard, pull buoy, standard fins, snorkel, paddles
goggles, gear bag, kickboard, pull buoy, short fins, snorkel, paddles
P1 & P2
goggles, gear bag, kickboard, pull buoy, short fins, snorkel, paddles, drag chute

Practice Attire

Swimmers may wear any brand of suit for practice. Swimsuits must provide adequate coverage and stay affixed to the body during vigorous workouts including diving. The team relies on each swimmer’s own good judgment to apply these standards.

PAC recommends practice suits made from polyester or PBT to stand up to chlorine exposure. Nylon and Spandex suits tend to degrade quickly and become transparent with wear. Please replace suits as they become thin or worn out.

Team Store

PAC earns 5% on all purchases made through our Team Store at The Team Store offers spirit wear, gear, swimsuits, and even personalized jackets, backpacks and parkas. Items personalized with your swimmers name and the team logo are now available year-round.

Arena Swimwear sponsors our team so we require Arena brand suits for competition. We recommend purchasing other apparel and equipment in this brand when possible. You will see many Arena products recommended in the Team Store.

It's easiest to navigate to the Team Store from our website using the link above or by selecting Shop @ The Team Store from the Actions menu. If you don't find what you need in the list of recommended products, you may also search for alternatives. The team earns credit for your purchases no matter what you choose, as long as you navigate through the Team Store. Please shop here to benefit the team.

Shopping Tips

On occasion, the team will place a bulk order for a special product like personalized caps, croc charms, or other items. We announce these bulk orders by email and bill accounts for the purchases. Items purchased through bulk orders are non-returnable and non-refundable, so please consider ordering a size larger if you are unsure of fit.

Please update the apparel size listed on your swimmer's account regularly. The team relies on this information to order shirts at registration every year, for championship meets, and for Swim-A-Thon prizes. 

Questions or need help? Email [email protected] with questions!