Membership Information

New Swimmer Information: How to Join PAC - 123

  1. Tryout. 

Tryouts for 2015- 16 will be at Columbia, in early September.  Watch for dates.  Columbia, Southwest, and Dishman sites are near capacity - Contact coach directly for waitlist information.

All potential new members MUST FIRST TRY-OUT and be accepted into a specific pool and group level prior to registering.  Have questions or looking to tryout during the season? Contact one of our coaches for further details.

                 2. Register

If there is room in the desired pool and in the practice group, the swimmer may register to join PAC using the online system.  If there is no space, the swimmer will be placed on a waitlist and contacted when space becomes available. For more information see:  PAC Groups, Training Times, Locations, Fees and Commitments

                3. Commit

Registration forms, fees, waivers and initial payment must be received prior to beginning practice.