Membership Information

Welcome to all new,prospective and returning PAC swimmers and Families!  The primary purpose of Portland Aquatic Club is to provide a well-balanced training program so that all swimmers may achieve their maximum potential. PAC will provide an enjoyable and disciplined workout structure with the resources and learning environment to allow each swimmer the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Please read this document carefully as it will walk you through our registration process and provide other important information about our team.

Registration process: 

Step One:

If you would like to tryout for PAC please email one of our  site coaches to schedule a tryout during the year (we accept new members throughout the year- space permitting), or feel free to drop by one of our sites: After the tryout/ practice, a coach will place your child into practice groups and answer any questions you might have about PAC’s program.

In Season tryouts during practice or immediately following:  Questions?  Email our coaches!

PAC will not hold any tryouts until after 4/1/14.

Columbia Pool: Monday- Friday at 4:30 pm with Coach Tom (limited space)

SWCC: Monday- Friday at 5:30 pm with Coach Laurie (waitlist)

Mt. Scott: Monday- Friday at 4:30 pm with Coach Jesse (waitlist)

Dishman: Senior swimmer’s only: contact Coach Jody (wailtlist)

Step Two:  Once your child has been placed into a group, register online at

Registration:  All new and returning families must fill out the registration online . New families must submit registration deposit prior to first practice;  returning families will be billed in October. Online registration will be open mid August.

Step Three: Read through the team handbook and website for information on practice group descriptions, practice locations, equipment, swimmer behavior expectations, team fees, and other useful information.

Practice Group Descriptions: This describes the goals, expectations, practices and eligibility of each level at PAC.

Practice Schedules :  The schedule for each group can be found on the website. Be sure to find the pool that you are going to be swimming at for practice times. Not every pool has all PAC levels so be sure to find the closest pool with your child’s group level.

Meet Schedules and Entries:  After your child has been placed into a group please talk to your coach/ watch our team emails about what meets you should attend then log-in to the PAC website and sign-up for the meets that your child can attend. As a general rule PAC encourages all swimmers to compete every 4- 6 weeks.  In the early season most meets do not have time standards, so all swimmers may participate.  As the season moves on meets will have standards (A, B or Regional/ Sectional) which the swimmers must meet.  In the notes section please let us know what days you can attend or if the meet information is up you may choose which events you would like to swim, however, the final decision is up to your coach.  Please note many meets fill-up quickly so we request you sign-up for meets at the start of each season.  You will note the cut-off for the summer meets is earlier than in the winter as those meets fill-up faster.  Your PAC bill will reflect charges for all meets entered.  Swimmers are expected to participate in relays at each meet and will be based on best times, swimmer's performance, and coaches' discretion.  If you are unable to attend a meet and the meet entries have not been submitted to the meet host, you will not be charged, as long as you have notified your coach; if they have been submitted before you told your coach your bill will reflect charges for that meet.  After a meet has been completed swimmers will be billed for any relays they compete in and a PAC surcharge ($12.00 for in season meets and $20.00 for Championship meets) will be applied (this is to cover coaches travel and time).

Merchandise: PAC is a Speedo Sponsored team.  Please go to the  merchandise tab for information on PAC's Speedo team merchandise.  Please watch the web for special order caps, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. throughout the year (not through JD Pence).  Questions?  JD Pence will answer them!

Billing Information:  Your PAC bill will be available online on the 1st of each month and must be paid by the 20th of the  month. A $10.00 late fee will be charged if full payment is not received by the 20th of the month.  If you have further questions, email PAC’s account manager, Deb Volker.

PAC Scholarship Assistance:  PAC will consider granting scholarships based on the application and availability of scholarship funds.  If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please fill out a scholarship application form.  Scholarship Committee Chair:  Please direct any questions you might have to our scholarship chair.

Contact Information: If you have further questions email one of the coaches, Deb Volker . Please send your completed registration packet with a check to:

Portland Aquatic Club

430 N Lotus Isle Dr

Portland, OR 97217

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